YuGiOh! Shaddoll Showdown Structure
Feb 15

YuGiOh! Shaddoll Showdown Structure


  • Skyfox Games will be having a Shaddoll Showdown structure deck tournament!

    Saturday February 15th 2019
    Entry fee is $15
    Start time 12:30PM

    Each player will receive and play with the Shaddoll Showdown structure deck.

    $2 from each player will go into the prize pool for store credit

    Sleeves are not required but are recommended. Please come before the start time if you would like time to sleeve the deck.

    Rebirth of the Shaddolls!
    Originally introduced in Duelist Alliance, Shaddolls combine Flip Effects and Fusion Monsters to surprise your opponent. Powered by the incredible Shaddoll Fusion Spell Card that lets you Fusion Summon using monsters in your Deck, Shaddolls can Summon "Shaddoll" Fusion Monsters of any Attribute and stack up powerful Graveyard effects at the same time! Shaddoll Showdown offers new monsters that break the rules of what a Shaddoll monster can be, a full selection of the cards you need to build a Shaddoll Deck, and more.

    Shaddoll monsters that break the mold!
    Since the beginning, all Shaddoll monsters in your Main Deck were DARK Spellcasters. Shaddoll Showdown introduces new, non-DARK Shaddolls for your Main Deck, as well as a brand-new El Shaddoll Fusion Monster made of 2 Shaddolls with different Attributes.
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  • Date & Time
    Feb 15 2020 at 12:30 PM - Feb 15 2020 at 04:00 PM
  • Location & full address
    Skyfox Games 86 William Street East, Oshawa, Ontario L1G 1K6
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